An array of discovery

Customize a stay or weekend in South Brittany

Like a painter, express your emotions with a touch of culture and heritage, a hint of well-being, or even a smidge of gluttony, and become the artist of your M-EXPERIENCE to create your very own canvas.


Let your desires inspire you to make your stay an unforgettable moment. Our teams are at your side to help you throughout the process :



  • Your accommodation: the success of your stay is intimately linked to an accommodation in which makes you feel at ease. Tell us what you want and together we will find the right one for you in our  M-ACCOMMODATION : luxurious waterfront hotel, upscale cottage with pop decoration, cozy and comfy guest room or a fully equipped lodge in a seaside camp.


  • the duration of your stay: a day, a weekend, a week or more, at any time of the year… you decide, you are the master of your time.