Writing workshop Experiences

Self reconnection through writing in Southern Brittany

The landscapes of Southern Brittany have inspired many authors.

Honoré de Balzac, Gustave Flaubert, Julien Gracq and Anna Gavalda are a few artists who have come here seeking the calm and serenity which then enabled them to create some of their greatest works. Like these giants of literary works, come and develop your creative talent as well, through writing workshops led by Anne Pédron-Moinard, an exercise specialist and the president of the Guilde des Plumes(The Guild of Quills). Different themes are on the menu, such as evoking memories, writing short stories or exploring literary fields. Now to your pens, to write pretty words. Let us tempt you by our 3 DAYS / 4 NIGHTS STAY IDEA.

Note : We suggest for English speakers who obtain an A2-C2 level in French. Parlez-vous français ? 

Writing is not learned, but is taught and transmitted. A writing workshop is always the place for the transmission of a creative experience, which respects the uniqueness of each participant. A writing workshop is always intimately linked to the place in which it takes place. You don’t write the same in the privacy of your home office, as you would at your place of work or study, the same applies to writing in a bustling café or placed in front of the vastness of nature. One does not write the same because the sensations are not the same and therefore neither is the gesture of writing. One doesn’t use the same words or the same images, much less the same melodies.


Offering a writing workshop in the “Entre Sel et Sable” villa requires taking into account the location, the potential it opens up, especially in terms of its landscapes. As its name suggests, the villa is a place at the interface between the blue of the sea and the green and yellow of the salt marshes. It is a cocooning place, a place of refuge from the wind that can sometimes beat the rocky and steep coast. It is a place where you can smell the sea breeze and salt.


These landscapes, the strength and the tranquility that emanates from them, many writers have drawn from this to produce their texts. In the 19th century, Balzac, Zola, Flaubert and even Alphonse Daudet made several trips to the Guérande peninsula, in Batz-sur-Mer in particular. Closer to us, Julien Gracq but also Anna Gavalda came here to recharge their artistic batteries.


It is on the alliance of the villa and its environment that the differentiating criterion of such a writing workshop is based. For many in France, writing workshops are often austere. While some stand out by calling on authors’ already published material as a guarantee of “quality”, the majority of workshops take place in small rooms and indoors. This proposal is meant to be different by combining place and meaning, to make the writing workshop at the villa a real experience, as much sensory as personal and literary.


Objective – Take pleasure in writing and reading your texts – Reconnect with yourself and your environment through writing – Start or develop a literary project by confronting it with the eyes of others


Format 2 half-days (3h) to be divided between Saturday morning, afternoon and Sunday morning

An optional half-day for themes 2 and 3


Plume speaker and author, Anne Pédron-Moinard has a wealth of experience in writing and transmission. Aggregated in her knowledge of history and her time spent as a highschool teacher and university professor in Science-Po, she was also the pen of an elected official and chairs the Guilde des Plumes, the first French-speaking network of feathers of elected officials and managers of major accounts. . Writing for oneself and writing for others are the two facets of her activity. This background and  personality have given Anne the ability to sense things and  read people. Thus helping them to write what they want and express. She runs a writing workshop at Les Mots School in Paris as well as online philosophical discussion workshops to help formulate her thinking through words and language.


Number of participants From 6 to 14 participants



1.Walk between salt and sand: reconnect with yourself by writing about the sea and nature

2.Family history (s): write from family memories

3.Portrait (s): telling oneself through faces

4.The Bride Wore Black: building a novel (Si-Fi, comedy, romantic …) around love with several hands (bachelorette party)

5.Personalized workshop on request




Half-day 1: -Presentation and introduction of the workshop (15 ’) -Writing games to untie one’s pen (40’) -Exploratory outing around the theme (1h30) –


Half-day 2: -Short writing time from exit (15 ‘) -Reading and discussion -Long writing time on instructions (45’) -Reading and discussions – [Reading tips to go further] –


Half-day 3: -Exchange around writing projects (45 ’) -Long writing time on personalized instructions (1h) -Reading and discussions (45’) -Reading tips to go further

Day 1 : “What I call thinking: I unscrew my head, I put it on a shelf and I go for a walk. On my return, the head is lit” (Christian Bobin, la Grande vie)

You arrived the day before at the villa Entre sel et sable.

You were able to quietly put down your suitcases, enjoy the swimming pool and have a good meal in the company of your group. Now start your journey into the fantastic world of writing, between early works and literary ballads. Before taking out your pen, Anne Pédron-Moinard presents the program that awaits you for the next few days. Then get straight to the heart of the matter, with a writing game that involves giving free rein to your imagination. Then choose one of the five themes offered and then, like Honoré de Balzac, go and get lost in the alleys of Batz-sur-Mer in search of inspiration.

Atelier écriture

Day 2 : “Without the freedom to blame, there is no flattering praise, it is only little men who dread small writings” (Beaumarchais, Le Mariage de Figaro)


Tenir un journal intime

Day 3 : “Live, dance, laugh, love, run, discover, vibrate, enjoy … but never lose sight of the essential: the story really has an end” (Virginie Grimaldi, When our memories will come to dance)

Your writing stay is an opportunity to take your writing process to the next level. Your literary exploration is divided between long writing times and discussions shared with members of your group. These three days are there to allow you to refine your writing, to discover the author hidden in you and to sharpen your critical sense while remaining benevolent. After precious advice given by Anne Pédron-Moinart, enjoy your last evening before who knows, maybe coming back to write your first novel, inspired by the magnificent setting of Batz-sur-Mer and the villa Entre sel et sable.

Atelier d'écriture

3 DAYS / 4 NIGHTS – from 6 to 14 participants

The price includes :

4 nights at the 5* cottage Entre sel et sable

3 days of writing workshops supervised by Anne Pédron-Moinard, president of the Guilde des plumes

The transfer to the gite(cottage) from the SNCF stations of Saint-Nazaire, La Baule, le Pouliguen, Batz-sur-mer, and le Croisic to your accommodation

3 gourmet breakfasts concocted by Valerie’s workshop

Optional :



The M-EXPERIENCES, nights and additional transfers

The price does not include :

Personal expenses

Tourist tax